The exhibition Borders | Granice features photographs depicting Polish folk art through a multicultural lens.  Through showing Polish traditional costumes worn by people of different nationalities, the authors pose questions about the faces, dimensions and limits of Polish national identity against the backdrop of rapid social change.  As ethnic diversity returns to Poland - a nation violently stripped of its national minorities during World War II - Poles must decide whether to embrace it or remain closed.

Piotr Sikora Is the photographer of Borders | Granice.  He is a photographer and filmmaker and the Senior Director of Photography at VH1.  Sikora has lived in New York for 30 years.

Piotr Sikora fled Krakow, Poland – then a Communist state – in 1982. He settled with his mother in midtown Manhattan , where he attended the famed  The School of Performing Arts . Later Returning to his native Krakow to continue his studies. Intrigued by the work of iconic photographers such as Richard Avedon, David LaChapelle, and Jean-Baptiste Mondino, Sikora thought he might find a suitable venue for expressing himself in photography. He picked up his first camera at an East Village flea market, and by pure chance, met another of his idols: photographer, Bruce Weber. Weber advised Sikora to work his way into the business by taking a position as an assistant, and left him with a piece of advice that continues to influence his work today: ”In order to become a great photographer, you need to find out who you are as a human being and show yourself through your photos.” 

As an artist, he has produced two controversial bodies of work, Dolls and Borders. Both have been exhibited around the world, Borders being included in such grand events as the World Expo 2015 in Milan , Italy ; World Expo 2010 in Shanghai, China Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympic Games as well as being a part of a collection of the Polish Museum of Ethnography in Warsaw, Poland. 

In recent years with the focus on mass migration intensifying worldwide , Borders/Granice has become more relevant then ever.Piotr is working on expending on the initial project to reflect current geo-political climate in European Union. 

In June 2016 , in celebration of 2016 being the international year of Human Rights & Tolerance , Borders | Granice  will be exhibited at  Auschwitz Jewish Center .